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Congratulations to Austin Nacey, Katie, Sepe, Tasha Williams, Morgan Vermillion, Dylan Bohn, Aubrey Beyers, Bryce Truhlar, Kelly Keitel, Ariel Kibler on making the World Team and World Age Team.

Congratulations Jim!!!!!!!



Jim Aamodt has been coaching gymnastics for more than 40 years. The owner of the Gymnastic Academy of Rockford is getting inducted into the World Acrobatic Society Gallery of Legends in September.

“Actually it’s very humbling and I’m very honored that I’d even be thought of to be nominated, let alone receive the award,” Aamodt said.

Aamodt started running his own gym in Utah in his late teens. He moved to Rockford in the late 1980s, and within five years he and his wife owned the GAR. Jim knows this honor is about more than just his coaching abilities.

“It’s all the kids I’ve worked for and worked with over the years [who] are really the ones who are receiving the award with me,” Aamodt said. “So it’s not just me.”

For Aamodt, coaching is about more than seeing kids get a medal around their neck.

“The stories I get of what we were able to do to get them to be better people in life,” Aamodt said. “Those stories are what’s really kind of cool that always come back to us. It’s just the camaraderie and the parents and the kids and the family we’ve been able to create here.”

Aamodt will be honored in Las Vegas in September.

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